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JOB TITLE 1.QA/QC ENGINEERS 2.SITE MANAGERS 3.QC INSPECTORS 4.QUANTITY SURVEYOR 5.PLANNING ENGINEERS 6.ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS 7.LAB TECHNICIANS 8.CIVIL SUPERVISOR 9.CIVIL FOREMAN 10.PLANT OPERATOR 11.ELECTRICIANS 12.AUTO MECHANICS 13.SCAFFOLDING INSPECTORS 14.SCAFFOLDING SUPERVISOR 15.ELECTRICIANS 16.AC TECHNICIANS 17.FORKLIFT OPERATORS CLIENT INTERVIEW ON 25TH JULY 2017 NOTE: - Attractive salary + free food & accommodation + 6 months/annual leave. - Managers/Engineers should have degree - Engineers with 8-10 yrs oil & gas industry,GCC exp is must - Inspector/supervisor/foreman should have Diploma with 5-10 yrs exp in oil & gas industry JOB LOCATION:OMAN OMAN CAPITAL:MUSCAT, OMAN CURRENCY:RIAL(OMR) Official Language: Arabic OMAN is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.Oman's proved reserves of petroleum total about 5.5 billion barrels.Oman has a desert climate, hot and dry. Omanies are well known for their hospitality and generosity.Oman is an absolute monarchy.The Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said has been the hereditary leader of the country since 1970.Sultan Qaboos is the longest-serving current ruler in the Middle East.At one time Oman had its own empire, which at its peak in the 19th century stretched down the east African coast and vied with Portugal and Britain for influence in the Gulf and Indian Ocean. Tourism, another source of revenue, is on the rise. Oman's attractions include a largely-untouched coastline, mountains, deserts and the burgeoning capital Muscat, with its forts, palaces and old walled city. CONTACT Seagull International, 405, Wellington Business Park-2, Near Metro Station,Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai-59. Phone: 022 2859 9900-02 Email: omanseagull@gmail.com

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