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JOB TITLE 1.INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN -140 KD + OT 2.INSTRUMENT TECHNICIAN -140 KD + OT 3.INSTRUMENT FITTER -100 KD + OT 4.TELECOM TECHNICIAN -130 KD + OT 5.FIBER OPTICS TECHNICIAN -130 KD + OT 6.CABLE TRAY FITTER -100 KD + OT 7.CABLE TRAY FABRICATOR -130 KD + OT CLIENT INTERVIEW IN PATNA ON 23/07/2017 NOTE: - All Passport Accepted (ECR & ECNR) - Food Provided By Company - Age 22 Yrs To 40 Yrs. - 2 Years Contract - 8 Hrs Duty - Medical , Insuranse .Transportation Provided By Company - Accommodation Provided By Company JOB LOCATION : KUWAIT CAPITAL:Kuwait city CURRENCY:Kuwaiti dinar KUWAIT is an oil rich country. Oil was discovered in Kuwait in 1937 by the Oil Company of Kuwait in the Burquan field and was exported for the first time in 1946.Kuwait has a desert climate, hot and dry. Kuwaitis are well known for their hospitality and generosity. So expect to be treated well when visiting Kuwait. Public holidays in Kuwait: 1 January :Gregorian calendar New Years 12 Rabi' al-awwal :Mawlid 1 Muharram :Islamic calendar New Years 10 Muharram :Ashura (semi-official) 27 Rajab :Isra and Mi'raj 25 February :National Day 26 February :Liberation Day 1 to 3 Shawwal :Eid Al-Fitr 9 Thu Al-Hujja :Al-Wuquf Fi Arafa 10 to 13 Thu Al-Hujja :Eid al-Adha CONTACT: S.I Manpower HR Consultancy, 306 / 3rd Floor, Harinarayanan Complex, Exhibition Road, Patna. Email: hr@simanpower.com Ph: 9572546401 / 8271029695 / 7783069356

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